Empowering the Gaming Community

We are changing the way Game Developers, Gamers and Influencers interact with a simple Blockchain ecosystem that brings real value to everyone involved!

+1,9 Million Registered Users

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Backed by a real community of gamers

eBonus.gg is already a reference platform to get games for Free! Created in late 2016, has now more than 1.9 Million registered users and has already delivered thousands of games.

Thousands of Gamers visit eBonus.gg daily to get Coins - that will soon be switched to eBonus Tokens (EBN).


Game Developers

By cutting out the Middleman, the eBonus Token will allow more and better leads while lowering the costs for Game Developers.

Developers will reach and advertise to Gamers directly and through influencers, allowing them all to play their games and get greatly rewarded by doing so.


eBonus will help Streamers monetize their influence by just connecting with the platform and play Game Developers featured gamers.

Streamers that are starting their careers will be able to get a quick step up on their viewership and engagement by rewarding the Gamers that watch their Streams with EBN.



Games and in-game items are expensive. eBonus.gg gives a chance to gamers around the world to get their favorite games for Free by collecting eBonus Tokens while helping Game Developers and Streamers.

Thanks to the Blockchain, gamers will know exactly how many Tokens they'll win per task completed and will have the complete ownership of their EBN.

Learn more by reading our Whitepaper or Pitch Deck

Pitch Deck
"eBonus provides a much-needed solution for Developers, Streamers, and Gamers to interact and brings advantages to each other in a playful way. We can’t wait to work together!"
- Andreas Schemm, Vreo CEO

eBonus Roadmap

The road so far has been awesome! With a very small team, eBonus.gg was able to reach more than 1 million registered users within its first year - being now a Worldwide reference to get Games for free.

Now we want to go even further!

  • 2016 August

    Idea & First Developments

  • 2016 November

    eBonus.gg Platform Launch

  • 2017 October

    Reached 1M registered users

  • 2018 Q1

    Studying the concept of a Decentralized eBonus.gg & the benefits of the Blockchain

  • 2018 Q2

    ICO Preparations & Partnerships

  • 2018 Q3


    Beginning of the ICO

  • 2018 Q4

    ICO completion

    Listing EBN on Crypto-Currency Exchanges

    Business Team expansion

    Starting the Smart Contracts development

  • 2019 Q1

    Migration of the platform to the Blockchain

    Streamer Boosts

  • 2019 Q2

    Tracking Software

    Featured Games - Streamers influence power

    Personalized Campaigns

  • 2019 Q3

    AI Matching Tool

    Social Proof Algorithm

  • 2019 Q4

    Public API

  • 2020

    Android and iOS Mobile App

    Partnership with big Streaming Platform

    Further development of the eBonus.gg Platform (20M+ Registered Users; 10K Game Developers/Brands; 160K Registered Streamers)

  • 2021

    Expansion to new Segments - applying the eBonus concept into other verticals.

    Further development of the eBonus.gg Platform (80M+ Registered Users; 20K Game Developers/Brands; 280K Registered Streamers)

Meet the team

The founding members have been working together for more than five years in multiple projects. From college IoT investigation projects to freelancing jobs and now in the entrepreneurial space!

  • Inês Rodrigues

    Inês Rodrigues

    Co-Founder & CEO

    With a background in Computer Engineering, Inês is an analytical and ambitious young Entrepreneur. Her passion for the Gaming Industry was the driving force behind the creation of eBonus.gg in 2016. A constant knowledge seeker - she studied diverse topics from Web Development to Marketing and Psychology.

  • Pedro Pereira

    Pedro Pereira

    Co-Founder & CTO

    Pedro has a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science Engineering. His passion for Maths, Physics, and Programming got him several medals in national and international competitions. Pedro has a background on the Blockchain technology by developing software that executes Bitcoin and Ethereum based transactions.

  • João Lopes

    João Lopes

    Head of Marketing

    Loves gaming like no one else on the team - always up to date with all the ongoing Gaming events, João is the brain behind our Community Marketing Campaigns and the professional that manages all the Streamers and Game Developers that use eBonus.gg to reach more Gamers. He's part of the team almost since the beginning of the project.

  • Pedro Ferreira

    Pedro Ferreira

    Head of Costumer Support

    With the classy Portuguese smile always in his face, Pedro is the secret weapon of eBonus.gg's Customer Support. A professional with a very human side to his personality, he is the reason we proudly present a 100% response rate to the hundreds of daily questions we receive from our community.

  • Aida Santos

    Aida Santos

    Bounty Manager

    A hard-working person with a Master's Degree in Information Science, Aida loves to challenge herself! Previously worked at the University of Coimbra - Has a natural talent to keep everything organized even in chaotic scenarios - She now manages Investors Relations and the eBonus Bounty Program.

  • António Simões

    António Simões


    Software Engineer who has worked in two ESA's Deep Space Missions, ExoMars and BepiColombo. Avid knowledge seeker, constantly looking for new challenges and new knowledge. Joining two of his main interests, Gaming and crypto-currencies, seemed like the logical step to take.

  • Joana Prata

    Joana Prata

    Communications & Growth

  • Aurelia Erasmus

    Aurelia Erasmus

    Social Media Producer

  • Imre


    Content Copyrighter and Manager


  • José Pinto

    José Pinto

    Legal Advisor

    Lawyer and Business Strategist, VP of the Portuguese Data Protection Association, UTRUST ICO Legal Advisor and CCO (Compliance). Business mentor for innovation at TecMinho - Minho University. José is a certified Angel Investor and Co-Founder of canal180.pt, an award-winning cable TV network dedicated to arts and creativity.

  • Pierre Yurow

    Pierre Yurow

    Board ICO Advisor

    Pierre is a Blockchain, ICO and Silicon Valley veteran with an extensive track record and author of two patents. Mr. Yurow is an active Angel Investor in Blockchain and advises startups on their ICO via his ICO Accelerator, Hope Accelerated. He is also an active co-founder of two Blockchain startups preparing their ICOs.

  • Sebastien Lapedra

    Sebastien Lapedra

    Financial Advisor

    Sébastien has over 14 years of experience in quantitative finance, investments and fund structuring internationally. He advises in the fields of cryptocurrency investments and token economy. He's the founder of a blockchain based investment service. Sébastien holds a title of an Actuary and an Engineer Master’s Degree from ENTS Bretagne.

  • Carlos Cerqueira

    Carlos Cerqueira

    Business Advisor

    Innovation Director at Instituto Pedro Nunes, the technology transfer institution from Coimbra University. As head of the Innovation Department, he’s involved in IPN’s technology transfer and support to spin-offs’ creation. He leads the Portuguese ESA Space Solution Center (http://space.ipn.pt/). He also coordinates INEO Start.